Back from the Aletsch Glacier

Juerg Kaufmann:

Last time I was hiking on the rocks with my girlfriend and enjoying the breath-taking panorama view over the Aletsch Glacier (Click here to see more infomation about the glacier), this time I had a chance to go with a professional Swiss mountain guide and discover more about the beautiful crevasse.

This is a picture I did last time from the mountain, I was marveled by the color of the crevasses and the beauty of the nature, so I decided to hike in full crampons on the glacier this time.

Finally had the chance to be closer to the colorful crevasses. They are beautiful but dangerous, if someone falls in, he would be gone in a few minutes because of the cold . And because the depth is up to 425m, there's almost no way to pull someone out.

It was me trying to see more in the freezing crevasse. Hope these pictures could bring some fresh air for the hot summer day. Enjoy it and have a fresh weekend.

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August 10, Zürich

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